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Download World Racing 2 Full Version For Free Torrent

New tyres. New graphic engine. New tracks. A new season with new cars. The new season starts in April 2019. New game features. More new cars. A beautiful graphics and the highest performance physics simulation. All game modes have been updated. Three levels of difficulty for all tracks. Watch the trailer and the video with in-game video and audio. The 2019 season is now open! Thank you for supporting us! What's New? Fixes: Do not allow swapping the position of tracks. Added a separate engine audio device to avoid "interference" when using the Speakers and Headphones together. The layout of the race track and the position of the track has been changed (mainly). Added a sound effect when the a tire is skidding on ice. Added an effect when a car brakes. Added an effect when a car pushes another car. The position of the track has been changed (mainly). Updated graphics engine. A new season is starting in April 2019 with new cars. The driver should no longer be knocked off the track when an obstacle is standing on the track. The Tarmac is now properly wet. Added an effect when an obstacle disappears on the track. In game statistics has been added the amount of left-turns. Updated graphics and sound engine. Fixed various small bugs. The WRC Logos can now be clicked. Great work @Doobie from December 13th 2018. Added a new sound engine. Added new features. Fixed minor bugs. Added track editor. Fixed car collisions on the track. Crash fix. Added a sound engine. Added new graphics. Added an activity. Added a new track. Added new tracks. Added a new season in April 2019 with new cars. Added a new graphics engine. Updated

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